Configure Pages, Posts & Portfolios layouts like never

Coffee & Cream includes a page layout builder on every single content like pages, posts & portfolios but this can be configured for index pages too, like blog, portfolio home, tag & category pages.

Global Layout

Choose if you want a fullwith layout or Sidebar Layout (left & right options). The sidebar layout will enable the custom sidebar selection.


 Display Type

You can then select the display type from 7 possible.


Thumbnail ratio

For list 1 & list 2 display types, you can choose the post thumbnail ratio.

it means the size of the picture regarding the room it has. ie: 50% means that the picture will take half of the available space.


Thumbnail Format

For list 1,list 2& grid  display types, you can choose the thumbnail format from 4 available formats:

  • square
  • rectangle
  • rectangle 2 : more wide, panormaic
  • rectangle 3: a vertical format


Number of columns

For grid, masonry & mosaic layouts, you can select the number of columns.


Thumbnail style

Finaly, you can although select the thumbnail style: normal, rounded corners or circle (works better with the square images).


Wait!! That's not all

You can do more customization in the misc options…

  • Show/Hide the read more link (index pages only)
  • Show/Hide the category menu (index pages only) & select if the menu is sortable (grid, masonry & mosaic layouts only)
  • Show/Hide the excerpt (index pages only)
  • Show/Hide the meta . You can although set which meta to display in the theme options
  • Show/Hide the page title
  • Change the page color scheme : coffee, cream or sugar
  • Change the page text centering


Ok, you are right, I admit: it’s not infinite but can any of you guys tell me the number of possibilities it offers? 😉 Thanks!


One more thing:

Coffee & Cream has another killer feature: you can have a different layout for every category, every tage, every portfolio category.

It means that a portrait category could display a perfect layout with vertical pictres when a panoramic landscape pictures category could use the wide display with panoramic pictures. Nice, isn’t it?